Helpful Websites for a Growing Business

There are so many great resources for people wanting to grow a business, so I thought I would put together a list of a few sites that I use regularly to help manage brand development including event production, team building, sales and marketing strategies. These sites are helpful especially if you work from home or you’ve hired people that are traveling or working from home offices.

Event Production and Team Building 

Trello – It’s like digital post it notes, but you can share the project folder, create different lists and add details to each item plus add your team for easier collaborations. Free. This is great for people with several projects and tasks to complete where lists are ideal.

Zoom – Share your screen and schedule a meeting with video or audio connection. As long as your meeting is less than 30 minutes, it’s free to use.  This is great to use for anyone teaching someone how to use a program or teams wanting to meet in a virtual conference using one screen to demo an idea.


Dropbox – Folders and large files are best shared via DropBox. Definitely recommend upgrading to the Business account because if you’re managing teams, you can always have the most updated documents on a cloud that everyone has access to. This is especially great for people in sales, creatives and business development.

Gmail –  Might sound obvious, but gmail is the best way to communicate via email. The calendar, spreadsheets and documents that you can share with your team and nearly every other business makes account management easy.

Pitney Bowes – If you already have an e-commerce website built from scratch and will be shipping separately, PB has a great system to weigh, measure and print labels from the computer.

Shopify – If you haven’t built your own e-commerce website yet, then there are great templates and extensions that you can use on Shopify. There’s even shipping that you can set up through the site.


PR Newswire – Learn everything you need to know about writing a press release to releasing it in order announce your new business or any newsworthy stories you’d like to get coverage on for your products, self or services.

What websites do you use that help manage your business?

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