Joey Goes to the Dentist

I have been hesitant to take Joey to get his teeth cleaned because of the anesthesia required, so I was happy to have found GreenDog Dental at Pussy & Pooch lifestyle center in Beverly Hills that doesn’t! You can book an appointment at this location every other week on a Wednesday. The cleaning takes about an hour and there’s a great sandwich/coffee shop around the corner. It cost about $175 total plus we got some spray to help keep his gums less inflamed.

While Joey was with the vet, I walked around the shop to check out a few products from the Vanderpump Pets collection that are being sold here now. I personally shop and love this three store family-owned chain, so this was exciting to get in here as a consultant for the VP brand. Since Pussy and Pooch is consciously modern, I suggested the Graphite Duffle bag in black and brown to the owner. The other locations are in DTLA and Belmont Shore in Long Beach – both places I have lived. Now I’m in Beverly Hills, so either I’m following them or they’re following me…

My favorite part about this store is The Beverly Hills Barkery and Raw Bar – it’s so cute and located on the first floor next to where I dropped Joey to get his teeth cleaned.  The barkery will make custom cakes and cookies for doggie birthdays too. The owners have created such a great store offering everything you can possibly imagine for your spoiled pet. They also offer dog training during the day while watching them which is well worth the $95 /day if you’d like your dog to excel. I wish I knew about that when Joey was younger instead of just dropping him off at daycare for “socialization” skills.


If you live in LA, I highly recommend this pet store for dental, training and birthdays!

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