Eliminating Plastics… Easy as 1-2-3

When you think of plastics ~ do you think about straws and sandwich baggies?

Growing up in Long Beach, California, I have been a clean water initiative advocate for as long as I can remember since the beach lifestyle is a big part of who I am. But the solution to host ‘clean ups’ becomes quite exhausting knowing that the only true solution to try to eliminate plastics from the beach is to just stop using them.

Here are a few ways that I eliminate plastic waste at home and not only will you save money, but these items are incredibly versatile.

I’m going to post the links from Amazon because let’s face it- Prime shipping is awesome! Here are the straws that I bought and use regularly; I even add one to my bamboo utensil set and throw this whole kit in my work bag every night before bed, so that they’re ready to go when you need it the next day. It feels great when having a fork, spoon or a straw on hand is useful and I’m prepared for something only I have touched. You’ll see a photo of cloth napkins that we use every day too.

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  1. Reusable straws $10
  2. Reusable utensils $11
  3. Reusable multi-size sandwich/snack bags $22


In just three EASY purchases, you: 1.) stopped receiving straws from restaurants, 2.) stopped receiving utensils from take-away lunches 3.) stopped buying bags for snacks

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

The first two ways, you’ll have to mention when you place the order that you won’t need a straw or utensils. It’ll be something you’ll have to remember, but once it becomes a habit – you’ll get used to it. Just think of it this way – it is one less cost for the business owner, one less thing for the employee to do and you’re consciously thinking about your own personal waste which contributes to the environment each time. A win for everyone!


How great do you feel? Now go out and make it a great day…

Click here to shop ALL my favorite Amazon products.

* Not on Amazon, but you must also try this all natural deodorant if you’re not using something non-toxic yet. Big tip here – you must detox your pits for two weeks wearing absolutely nothing. I know, it sounds unmanageable but I promise you will be fine, your neighbors will be fine. Bring some wipes to work if you have to. Get those toxins out before the good will be accepted. Native works! I use it myself and love the lavender one.


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